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  nut sizes - help needed please
Posted by: geoff - 12-29-2023, 08:59 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

This is not Panhard related, but I am hoping that one of you mechanical wizards can give me some help.
I am fitting a thermostatic shower control but the nut securing the device is missing. It is an Italian product from the company Cristina. I have contacted them but no reply as of yet.
The nut seems to be M40 x 1.0 but there is nothing out there of this pitch size.
The male part to fit the required nut measures 40.1  and 40.5 (valley to crest of thread) and as best as I can measure, the pitch is 1.0mm
Here is an example of the sort of thing I need ; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/176068020358
Hoping someone can help - if anyone is out there !
regards to all

Video Resurrecting a dormant PL17
Posted by: 24c - 09-14-2023, 09:17 PM - Forum: General - No Replies


My father in laws place is under offer and I have to shift the red and black Panhard. Unfortunately for me, the carburettor and ignition system (distributor and coil) were transferred to Brian Osbourne's 24CT to fix his engine issues years ago, and these components are missing, so I had to find replacements. I struggled to find a Weber DCNF for the bespoke manifold I used on Brian's and my car, but eventually a 42 DCNF surfaced from my collection. Unfortunately the push set up on the accelerator meant I had to reverse the carburettor through 180º and bastardise a Weber throttle linkage from a DCOE and Ducati Paso to effect a satisfactory pedal action.


The next stage is to restore the ignition system, and swap out the burned out commodo multifunction column stalk switch.

All the best

Hi again, 

like I said the next phase was to sort the ignition and swap the defective commodo.

All the wires are black in this car, unlike my yellow and white 17BT mule, so I had to sequentially swap these over one at a time. Interesting the screws are not metric but UNC 4-40.



Anyway all swapped over, no main beam at the moment, but all other functions are working now.

All the best

Hi again,

Next up on the car was the ignition system... unfortunately for the purists I wanted to go electronic and programmable. Before Brian passed in December 2022, I did successfully programme an ignition unit to transform the throttle response and drivability when the Weber DCNF was fitted, which produced a very strong vacuum signal that overpowered the OEM vacuum capsule.

Recreating this using 5V TTL Toyota wasted spark coil using the same ignition unit was going to involve more work, as I didn't have a camshaft timing wheel trigger wheel and sensor in this engine. I decided to resurrect a distributor based missing tooth trigger wheel I developed years ago, but still use the Czech programmable ignition system I fitted to Brian's car aka IMFsoft ECU MasterLite.

I've built a bench rig, and hooked it up to an oscilloscope, and had to convert the 12V dwell switching signal into 5V square wave that can trigger the Toyota ignition coil, through 8-16V without damaging anything. I'd already made a PCB and populated it years ago to convert the non-contact cam lobe signal into something that would drive the programmable ignition, but the output was too high a voltage... so another PCB, a resistor and a Zener diode to the rescue and bingo.


Next up, I had to make a coil support bracket that would be in the middle of the engine to keep the HT leads the same length, but the bulkiness of this Toyota coil made the fitting harder than the Renault coil I had used previously.

All the best

Posted by: geoff - 09-05-2023, 08:22 AM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

My front wheel is dragging 50% of its rotation as I rotate it such that it resembles the drum being elliptical.

I have clocked its mounting on the driveshaft and that seems perfect.

As best as I can, I have ascertained that the drum's diameter varies by about 1mm. around its circumference - is this acceptable or should it be near perfectly round?

I ask because I took it to a mechanical workshop who said that it would cost too much to skim it due to it being so difficult to mount on a lathe.

I am wondering whether to try to obtain a new (old) one.

What are your thoughts?



  Z1 original barn find for sale
Posted by: geoff - 04-26-2022, 12:15 PM - Forum: For Sale - No Replies

We are about to move to a smaller house and after much thought and with
great reluctance I have decided to sell my other Panhard Dyna.

It is a rare early one (Z1, 1955 model) totally in aluminium and is
totally unrestored. I bought it about 10 years ago (a barn find) and it
had been in a barn for about 20 years before that. Totally original.

Anyway, before I advertise it for sale widely, I am offering it to a few
people I know and via the forum to see if anyone is interested.

I have not yet prepared my add, so if anyone wants photos or more info please ask - but only if you are serious please. The car is located near Carcassonne airport (Ryanair) in south France and will need a trailer. I estimate that shipping it via a carrier to UK will cost around £800.

  New Member
Posted by: submmbob - 03-31-2022, 11:10 PM - Forum: Welcome, reply to Introductions and say hello - Replies (2)

My name is Bob from Tucson, Arizona. I own a Dyna Z12. This was a project vehicle I picked up from a friend here in Tucson. I am not sure of the year as there is no title for the vehicle. I think it is a 1958 or 1959.

Is there a way I can tell the year from the VIN?

I am familiar w/ the Panhardis site, but could use some help in the translation (I took French in college, but it's been a long timeSmile.

One part I will definitely need is the axle flange going into the differential. The left driveshaft is currently out of the car and is broken off at the flange.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


  distorted brake drums
Posted by: geoff - 01-08-2022, 10:06 AM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

I drove my X yesterday for five hours without a break and I must say she went very well with only one concern; the brakes started to vibrate when hot. I can understand that there will be expansion and contraction but I cannot understand why that would be assymetrical, which it clearly was as I could feel the brake pedal pulsating, and this went away as the brakes cooled.

  general driving - use of advance/retard
Posted by: geoff - 01-01-2022, 10:05 AM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Not having grown up in that era (my first car was a mini),  I have no experience of every day use of the advance/retard facility on my Dyna X.
Would one normally use it all the time for every day driving - like when starting the car, or ascending hills?.  I usually leave it in the '0' position and perhaps advance it a bit if going up a long incline.
what do others do?

  RIPL 2022
Posted by: Martin Mc - 12-31-2021, 08:30 AM - Forum: Chit Chat - No Replies

Hi all,
It would appear there might be a Panhard meeting going ahead in Sweden at the end of July 2022.
I hope 2022 is a better year all round. Big Grin
Covid permitting!:- http://forumpanhard.free.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5585


  SkyFire Ignition
Posted by: iwema - 12-12-2021, 09:46 PM - Forum: Parts - Replies (1)

Ignition problems?

This electronic ignition will solve the problems of the original Panhard ignitions.
After installing  a SkyFire2 Ignition; starting, performance at low and high revs., fuel consumption and drivability will be substantially improved. 
The SkyFire2 Ignition will be installed between the distributor and the high performance ignition coil.
The initial ignition timing can be set at 6 teeth (20 degr.) and the timing will automatically be adjusted upto 30 or 35 degr. as the RPM increases (example a Panhard 24CT.).

Some Panhard engines tend to pink easily. The timing of the SkyFire ignition will  suppress pinking.
Re-adjusting the timing for starting is no longer necessary. You can fixate the distributor.
The timing map, which is installed according to the Panhard specifications or to your desired specification will be installed by the SkyFireignition. If you want more maps,  a second map can be installed. Changing between the maps can be done with a switch. The maps (curves) can be 2D or 3D. The installation software can calculate form 10 map points a map of max. 60,000 points. Therefore the timing is very  accurate.

The SkyFire2 Ignition can electronically  compensate  for RPM and depression. This will give the best ignition timing under all circumstances.
There are also special algorithms  to stabilize the engine. This make it possible to put a EURO coin  on a running  4, 6, 8,12 cylinder engine.
A special  high performance ignition coil produces an extreme powerful ignition spark for a even more performance and lower emissions.

These features makes it often possible to start a cold Panhard engine without operating the choke.

More information on the website of the manufacturer: https://www.skyfireignition.nl/pages/what-is-it/

Some YouTube movies:

This movie shows is a cold start, without choke and without additional throttle.

This 2 cylinder engine will run perfectly This engine is running at less than 0.9% CO and 282 ppm HC.

This 1961 4 cylinder Land  Rover SIIa with a EURO coin  on the running engine.

  Dyna X Mille Miglia inspired barchetta
Posted by: BenjaminMbrown - 11-17-2021, 09:17 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Hi all, in my greeting I mentioned that with a colleague we won the two dynas that appeared on eBay recently. The plan, to restore the very early one and to build an Italian styled alloy Barchetta body, similar to the Mille Miglia cars of the early 50’s on the other. 

Some progress has been made and I’ll continue to update on how things are going if anyone is interested.        

.jpeg   3992CB1E-AC71-4FFB-978E-03BB74B62644.jpeg (Size: 63.29 KB / Downloads: 23)
.jpeg   7CCAF278-19C9-411E-AFF5-DDA22A1CD77D.jpeg (Size: 30.66 KB / Downloads: 23)
.jpeg   77703943-FE93-47D4-B843-16F24F96A3B0.jpeg (Size: 61.41 KB / Downloads: 23)