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Z1 original barn find for sale - geoff - 04-26-2022

We are about to move to a smaller house and after much thought and with
great reluctance I have decided to sell my other Panhard Dyna.

It is a rare early one (Z1, 1955 model) totally in aluminium and is
totally unrestored. I bought it about 10 years ago (a barn find) and it
had been in a barn for about 20 years before that. Totally original.

Anyway, before I advertise it for sale widely, I am offering it to a few
people I know and via the forum to see if anyone is interested.

I have not yet prepared my add, so if anyone wants photos or more info please ask - but only if you are serious please. The car is located near Carcassonne airport (Ryanair) in south France and will need a trailer. I estimate that shipping it via a carrier to UK will cost around £800.