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June 2021 Magazine
Thanks Brian & John for your efforts at "Brentwood Towers" oil getting the magazine together. It was really nice to see the late Alastair Brown on the front cover, which brought back some fond memories.  Also the late Robin Allen, although I never met Robin, it was good to put a face to the name. 

One nice little tweak you can make to the Comodo stalk is to add a modern electronic indicator relay, and still keep the Temsu "clic clac" device as an audible warning, but the best way to make the Comodo last is reduce the current across the contacts by fitting relays to the headlights as well. I've done this and the flaky tired Comodo has been restored. Some of the later versions have a headlight flashing function too.

...knowledge is nothing without imagination...
I was just reading a 1962 copy of Motor Sport and saw the road test of a PL17 Tigre.

The registration looks familiar - is it yours Martin?

Oh dear! Sorry! Very late reply as not been on the forum for quite some time! In fact my Panhard has not been run in anger for probably 12 months. To answer your question.. No!
I am not sure about Motor Sport, but The Motor (07/02/1962) & The Autocar (09/03/1962) road tested the same PL17 tigre, 436 VBH, which judging by the "BH" registration was probably a demo car loaned by Citroen at Slough. My first car was 701 ELH and supplied new by a dealer in Bromley. My current car is a Manchester age related "C" plate issued when I bought the car in France in 2000. I have another road test from Good House Keeping..........yes that's right! Jean Wakeman road tested an L1 loaned by the owner 495 MPP date unknown.

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