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transparent brake drums - geoff - 07-29-2021

I have just finished replacing all of the brake lines & hoses on my X and would love to test the whole system whilst the car is up on jacks with all wheels removed.
I want to see each of the slaves ( can I say that word here) in turn operate and return nicely. All I can think of is to clamp  three of the four sets of shoes and watch the fourth operate - then repeat the procedure for each of the other wheels -unless one of you clever people can come up with another idea ?

RE: transparent brake drums - geoff - 07-29-2021

anyone on this forum ?

RE: transparent brake drums - Admin - 08-01-2021

Hi Geoff,

That would work, just use a decent aka 6-8mm wide TyWrap (you can by releasable ones), and then zip up 3 of the brakes up tight, and leave the fourth one slack. This way if you're over enthusiastic with the brake pedal, you don't pop the pistons out on the one you are testing.


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